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The arts in France under Charles VII (1422-1461) - Exhibition catalog
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The arts in France under Charles VII (1422-1461) - Exhibition catalog


This reference catalog explores, through exceptional works, a pivotal period in the history of France and the history of art.

From the 1430s, the kingdom of France underwent profound changes; while the north of the country was occupied by the English and the Burgundians, many artistic centres emerged. The saga of Joan of Arc and the reconquest undertaken by Charles VII heralded the end of the Hundred Years' War. The conditions for a revival were then met, with major patrons calling on artists of a new generation.
At the same time, with the influence of the Burgundian court and the spread of the Flemish ars nova, artistic creation gradually broke with the international Gothic and turned towards a new vision of reality.
The Italian Renaissance, which was in full swing, also inspired artists north of the Alps.

Richly illustrated, with more than a hundred entries and numerous essays, this catalogue explores the revival of the arts during the reign of Charles VII (1422-1461) and brings together the masterpieces that mark this central period in the history of French art, from the recumbent figures of Saint-Denis to the illuminated manuscripts and portraits of Jean Fouquet.

Exhibition « The arts in France under Charles VII (1422-1461) » at the Musée de Cluny from 12 March to 16 June 2024.

304 pages / 250 illustrations

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