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Match Design & sport, a story that looks to the future - Exhibition catalog


Through this hybrid, playful and inclusive book-object that can be displayed as well as recomposed ad infinitum, the reader is invited to explore the links between design and sport.

From the first games in ancient Greece, to the advent of eSports, to contemporary international competitions, athletes are at the forefront. On the occasion of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the exhibition "MATCH: Design & Sport - A Story Looking to the Future" explores the relationship between athletes and designers, from the architecture of stadiums that feature athletes to creations that maximise their performance. As the human body has been pushed to its limits, and sometimes beyond, design has indeed turned to the new opportunities offered by technology and data, shining a spotlight on athletes and their prowess.

A veritable book-object, this publication interweaves short essays by specialists from various backgrounds (designers, curators, athletes, academics, prosthetists, etc.) - and numerous full-page images (photographs of sporting events, objects, etc.) whose confrontations are significant. Connected by a repositionable elastic, the leaflets can be detached and displayed like real posters.

Exhibition « MATCH Design & sport, a story that looks to the future » from 13 March 2024 To 11 August 2024 at the musée du Luxembourg, Paris.

Posters folded and assembled with a repositionable elastic, in custom packaging
80 Pages / 30 Illustrations

Éditions GrandPalaisRmn / Musée du Luxembourg