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Bust of Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, know as Molière - Jean Antoine Houdon
French Art

Bust of Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, know as Molière - Jean Antoine Houdon

This cast is a hand-patinated resin reproduction of a bust made by the sculptor Jean Antoine Houdon.

Jean Antoine Houdon (1741-1828) - Paris, Comédie Française
Bust of Molière (1622-1673) executed in 1778
Rmn-GP cast from a reduction of the original in marble
Hand patinated resin reproduction

Jean-Antoine Houdon was the most renowned portraitist of the French 18th century. His ability to capture physical likeness, to bring life to the eyes and to penetrate into the mind of his models explains his numerous commissions in the last quarter of the century.
Houdon created this bust of Molière for the Comédie Française based on the iconography presented to him, in particular a painting by Nicolas Mignard. We can observe the playwright's alerted gaze as his head is turned to the side, which is surmounted by a fine moustache and full lips. His neck, framed by the open collar of his shirt and his necktie twisted in the front, endows the figure of Molière with a certain elegance, revealing the touch of Houdon.
For two centuries, the craftsmen of the Rmn-GP's moulding workshop have put their unique know-how at the service of one of the largest and most prestigious collections of moulds made from originals, to bring to life the masterpieces of sculpture, from Antiquity to the present day.

Cleaning: Use only a dry cloth or a feather duster - Do not expose the casting to direct or excessively bright heat