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The splendours of Uzbekistan's oases

23 November 2022 6 March 2023
This exhibition takes visitors on a fascinating journey to the crossroads of civilisations, in the heart of central Asia, in Uzbekistan, where Samarkand and Bokhara are household names. But many other trading posts in the region brought to light works of art that are now listed as objects of world heritage....

Rosa Bonheur (1822-1899)

18 October 2022 15 January 2023
A major national and international event, this exhibition honors an extraordinary, innovative and inspiring artist, Rosa Bonheur. This artist, known as an icon of women's emancipation, placed the living world at the heart of her work and her existence. She was committed to the recognition of animals in their uniqueness and sought through her work to express their vitality and their "soul". Through her great...

Things, a history of still lifes

12 October 2022 23 January 2023
The exhibition Things, authored by Laurence Bertrand Dorléac, proposes a new take on what was long seen as a minor genre, whose name - 'still life' - is intriguing in itself. Depictions of things, which date back to prehistoric times, are a wonderful window into history. Artists were the first to take things seriously by recognising their presence, imbuing them with life, glorifying their forms and meanings, their...

Mirror of the world - Masterpieces from the Dresden cabinet of curiosities

14 September 2022 15 January 2023
The exhibition at the Musée du Luxembourg brings together around one hundred remarkable artworks and objects collected between the 16th and 18th centuries by the powerful Prince-electors of Saxony. During a period marked by the struggle for imperial power between the Electorates of the Holy Roman Empire and the courts of Europe, this dazzlingly rich collection demonstrates the political power of the Prince-elector....

The New Generation Middle Ages

The musée de Cluny has just reopened after being closed several months for renovation.

Nested in the heart of Paris' Quartier Latin, this national museum dedicated to the medieval civilization is renowned for hosting the Lady and the Unicorn, one of the world's most famous medieval works of art.

To celebrate this long-awaited reopening, famous GIF animator James Kerr, better known as Scorpion Dagger, brings life to the museum's medieval icons through the playful « New Generation Middle Ages » collection.

Galerie des Modes Collection

In the 18th century, elegant and frivolous French fashion spread across the courts of Europe. Designed by Happy Remix Productions for the Rmn-GP, the Galerie des Modes collection celebrates French Baroque fashion at the peak of its fame. The collection draws inspiration from the patterns found in two prominent fashion publications of the time: "Galerie des modes et costumes français" and "Traité des pierres précieuses".

The King's Herbarium by Maison Baluchon

The collection pays tribute to King Louis XIV's passion for botany and the famous « Recueil des plantes du Roy », an impressive Herbarium crafted under his reign. Made with care by French fashion accessories brand Maison Baluchon, the King's Herbarium collection gathers a dozen of sophisticated acessories featuring an exclusive flowery pattern freely inspired by the Herbarium's plates.


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