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Faith Ringgold - Black is beautiful

31 January 2023 2 July 2023
Faith Ringgold is a major figure in American feminist art, from the civil rights struggles to those of Black Lives Matter, and the author of some very famous works in children's literature. Her work links the rich heritage of the Harlem Renaissance to the current art of young black American artists. Through her rereadings of modern art history, she engages in a genuine plastic and critical dialogue with the Parisian...

The splendours of Uzbekistan's oases

20 April 2022 1 March 2023
This exhibition takes visitors on a fascinating journey to the crossroads of civilisations, in the heart of central Asia, in Uzbekistan, where Samarkand and Bokhara are household names. But many other trading posts in the region brought to light works of art that are now listed as objects of world heritage....

Rmn-GP x Gangzai Design: Queen Marie Antoinette Pop

Celebrate the extravagance and modernity of Queen Marie Antoinette's style with this creative, colorful tableware collection. Adding a bold pop art touch to the classical Baroque style, French design studio Gangzai Design gives a new lease of life to the iconic portrait of Marie Antoinette.

Musée d'Orsay x Médecine Douce: Architectural Inspirations

In exclusivity for the musée d'Orsay, French jewelry brand Médecine Douce has designed two elegant, refined collections inspired by the patterns of the museum's iconic main gallery: the rose and white marble.

The Barbapapas at the Louvre

From generation to generation, the Barbapapas have sparked the imagination of young and old alike. Discover what would happen if the Barbapapas visited the largest museum in the world!


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