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Léon Monet Brother of the artist and collector

15 March 2023 16 July 2023
The Musée du Luxembourg is presenting an unprecedented exhibition on Léon Monet (1836-1917), the overlooked brother of Claude Monet (1840-1926). A colour chemist, Rouen-based industrialist and collector, Léon Monet played a key role in his artist brother's career. In 1872, at a time when Claude, having returned from Le Havre, painted Impression, Sunrise, Léon founded the Société Industrielle de Rouen and decided to...

Pastels from Millet to Redon

14 March 2023 2 July 2023
The 18th century is regarded as the golden age of pastel. A medium second to none when it comes to rendering the effects of texture and velvety complexions, use of pastel was often restricted to portraiture. Although it fell out of fashion at the time of the French Revolution, pastel enjoyed a revival between the second half of the 19th and early 20th century. The range of available pastels was considerably broadened...

Picasso Celebration : The collection in a new light

7 March 2023 27 August 2023
April 8, 2023 marks the fiftieth anniversary of Pablo Picasso's death, making this the year to celebrate his work and artistic legacy in France, Spain and internationally. To mark this anniversary year, the Musée National Picasso-Paris has invited the British designer Sir Paul Smith, known for his work on color, customization and kitsch, to sign the artistic direction of an exceptional exhibition, highlighting the...

Matisse. Cahiers d'art, the pivotal 1930's

27 February 2023 29 May 2023
There has been no lack of exhibitions on Matisse. Among those that have addressed the various periods that marked his career, very few have focused specifically on the 1930s. Matisse. Cahiers d'art - Le tournant des années 1930 (The Pivotal 1930s) is devoted exclusively to this period....

In 1930, Matisse left France and traveled to Tahiti, so deliberately taking a break from creation, and reaching a turning point in his career. The "Matisse. Cahiers d'art, le tournant des années 1930" exhibition revisits this decisive decade. It is through the prism of Cahiers d'art, the great avant-garde magazine created by Christian Zervos in 1926, that the exhibition will be presenting Matisse's work in the 1930s. The mouthpiece for international modernism and the aesthetic trends of its day, the magazine reported on the artist's production throughout the interwar period.

Rmn-GP x Gangzai Design: Queen Marie Antoinette Pop

Celebrate the extravagance and modernity of Queen Marie Antoinette's style with this creative, colorful tableware collection. Adding a bold pop art touch to the classical Baroque style, French design studio Gangzai Design gives a new lease of life to the iconic portrait of Marie Antoinette.

Musée d'Orsay x Médecine Douce: Architectural Inspirations

In exclusivity for the musée d'Orsay, French jewelry brand Médecine Douce has designed two elegant, refined collections inspired by the patterns of the museum's iconic main gallery: the rose and white marble.

The Barbapapas at the Louvre

From generation to generation, the Barbapapas have sparked the imagination of young and old alike. Discover what would happen if the Barbapapas visited the largest museum in the world!


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