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Household Linen

Richard Wilson The Thames near Marble Hill, Twickenham Cushion cover

This cushion cover is inspired by the work of the landscape painter from the English painting school, Richard Wilson "The Thames near Marble Hill, Twickenham", c. 1762.

This tranquil view shows a stretch of the Thames seen from the south bank of the river upstream from Richmond. The gable of the Palladian-style villa, Marble Hill House, can be seen peeping through the trees on the right. Wilson's view is selective: he leaves out the busy river traffic and neighbouring houses.

The fine scenery around Twickenham was an inspiration to artists and poets during the eighteenth century: Alexander Pope and later Joshua Reynolds were amongst those who lived in the area. With its echoes of his beloved Italy, it proved a popular subject for Wilson, who painted several versions of this view.