MATCH Design & Sport - A Story Looking to the Future

13 March 2024 11 August 2024
In total ca. 150 exhibits : unique historical pieces and signature icons, commercial products, prototypes, models, commissioned pieces, drawings, prints, projections, films, interactive applications. The exhibition MATCH: Design & Sport - A Story Looking to the Future at Musée du Luxembourg is conceived as a launching pad for thinking about the future of sports and emphasizing design's pivotal role in...

The role of design within the context of sports extends far beyond the shape, look, and feel of a running shoe or racket. Games - both physical and digital - are designed through rules and regulations; the weight of a ball and the responsiveness of a keyboard are designed to define the speed of a game itself. Athletes build and sculpt their bodies. Technology is designed to enhance and optimize human capabilities and to make up for so-called deficiencies. The experience of the spectators is intricately designed as well, from camera placements and drone footage to online streaming platforms to the look and feel of a stadium.

Chief curator and exhibition design:

Konstantin Grcic, Berlin/Germany

Project leader: Nathalie Opris, Berlin/Germany

Delegated Project Architect :

Jean-Christophe Denise, Paris/France

Catalogue and exhibition graphics:

Bureau Borsche, Munich/Germany

Project Leader: Kolja Buscher, Munich/Germany

Special Commission:

Nicolas Bourquin and Sven Ehmann, Berlin/Germany

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