boutiquesdemusees.fr versus pro.boutiquesdemusees.fr

I made my selection on boutiquesdemusées.fr and I can only find public prices, why?

The Boutiquesdemusées.fr site is dedicated to individuals, the prices are therefore public including VAT, professionals have their own pricing (with the purchase prices discounted HT) on pro.boutiquesdemusées.fr

I made my selection on boutiquesdemusées.fr and I cannot find the same products on your site. Why ?

The boutiquesdemusées.fr site being dedicated to direct sales to individuals, like our own stores, to complement our exclusive editions, we offer trading products, which are not available for resale.

Access to professional prices

I do not have access to the prices on your professional site.

Indeed, you must create a customer account as a Professional to have access to it, hereinafter the direct link: create your professional account. A sales representative will contact you shortly.

Purchase conditions

 Do you have a minimum order?

Yes, the minimum order threshold is set at € 500 excluding tax.

Is there a free of charge? If so, from what amount?

Indeed we have a free of port for deliveries in the European Union. It is set at € 900 discounted excluding VAT.

Can I access the purchase conditions on your website?

Please click HERE to access our Purchase Conditions.


What are the delivery times once my order has been placed?

The deadlines are 8 working days maximum, including the time of processing, preparation and sending of the order. We invite you to consult our Purchase Conditions.

Can I use my own carrier? If so, under what conditions?

Yes, you just need to tell us, and your carrier to make an appointment with our logistics center to collect your merchandise.

Can we have access to stocks?

When you place your order basket, in each item sheet, you have access to the availability of stocks in real time.

What to do in the event of products that have arrived broken or damaged?

Please refer to the Purchase Conditions.

- First of all, upon receipt of the goods, you must read the packing slip, check that the number of packages is correct, otherwise mark it on the BDColisage and take a photo that you will send to us by email.

-If you observe that a box is damaged, you must also take a photo, issue a reservation on the carrier's waybill, and send us the photos within 48 hours maximum.

- It is your responsibility to unpack and check the goods received within 48 hours, and to notify us in the event of breakage, anomalies and / or missing items.


What are the forms of payment accepted ?

All except checks and cash, therefore: credit cards, transfers, administrative payments.

Do you accept administrative, deferred payments? Forward sales?


Are you linked with Chorus? We need to link our purchase orders and invoices to it.

Yes, our Administrative and Financial Department will take care of it for you.

What is the payment term?

60 days end of month from receipt of invoice. See our Purchase Conditions.

Connection problem

I lost my login details? I am new and replace Mrs / Mr, I do not have the login details.

You can send an email to our team: pro.boutiquesdemusees@rmngp.fr, your login details will be quickly communicated to you.

Contact Us

Our team dedicated to professionals is at your service, do not hesitate to contact us for any question, wish for additional quantities, need for customization. We are available :

By email : pro.boutiquesdemusees@rmngp.fr

By Phone :

- for resellers from Europe, Asia, Australia, and Russia : +33 1 40 13 41 73

- for resellers from America, Canada, Middle East and Africa :+33 1 40 13 44 61

- for any information about corporate gifting : +33 1 40 13 44 61

- for any information about your account or order :+33 1 40 13 62 74