Engraving The woman with the cat - Foujita

Engraving The woman with the cat - Foujita

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Tsugouharu Foujita (1886 - 1968), The woman with the cat

After classical studies, this son of a samurai entered the Tokyo School of Fine Arts where his talent was often rewarded. At a very young age, he became interested in images imported from Europe and enrolled in French classes while devoting most ...
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Size of the sheet :
Artist :
Tsugouharu Foujita (1886-1968)
Art movement :
Modern & Contemporary Art
Dimensions :
50 x 65 cm
Printing Technique :
Eau-forte et pointe sèche
Original work kept at :
Paris - Chalcographie du musée du Louvre, Paris - Musée national d'Art moderne - Centre Pompidou
Theme :
Material :
Papier hahnemühle
Reference :


Editor :
Ateliers d'art de la Rmn-GP

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The artist

Tsugouharu Foujita (1886-1968)

Foutjita is a French artist of Japanese origin. Painter, engraver but also photographer, ceramist, illustrator, filmmaker and stylist, Foutjita has tried many different mediums and styles. Mixing Japanese and Western painting, the artist developed his own style, characterised by a fine line and a chromatic palette reduced to black, and especially white. Naturalised French at the end of his life, Foutjita converted to Catholicism and devoted himself to religious art. The Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix chapel near Reims is a shining example of this.