Engraving The Battle of the Stags - Gustave Courbet

Engraving The Battle of the Stags - Gustave Courbet

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Spring Rut. The Battle of the Stags, engraved in 1882 by André-Auguste Lançon after Gustave Courbet.


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Artist :
Gustave Courbet (1819-1877)
Art movements :
Romanticism, Realism
Dimensions :
56 x 76 cm
Original work kept at :
Paris - Chalcographie du musée du Louvre
Theme :
Material :
Papier hahnemühle
Reference :


Editor :
Ateliers d'art de la Rmn-GP

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The artist

Gustave Courbet (1819-1877)

Gustave Courbet, French artist and founder of the realist movement in nineteenth-century French painting, is known for his unrealized depictions of peasants. A popular artist of his time, Courbet often created controversy, pushing the boundaries of propriety through implicit sensuality. Today, The Origin of the World (1866), his most famous and explicit work, shows the abdomen and genitals of a woman lying in an unmade bed.